The FlowBot Award


In honour of In Flow’s founder, last year saw us grant the first-ever FlowBot Award. Mo Bot has challenged our community and its members to show up and share, to work together and be the best and most authentic versions of themselves both in and out of the hoop. She has spread deep roots and pushed up such lush growth for us in Ontario and we’re so grateful to have her as a pillar of our community ♥

Our 2015 Scholarship Contest is now open and the next FlowBot could be you! Get out your cameras and costumes and give us the good stuff. Show us the bright shining light inside that keeps you spinning. Contestants will submit one (1) video, no more than three (3) minutes in length, for consideration. In your video please tell us what FLOW means to you and why you want to attend In Flow Festival in 2015. Private viewing links through youtube or vimeo may be sent to inflowfestival [at] gmail [dot] com.

Submission Deadline: Thursday, May 4th 11:59pm


Congratulations to 2014’s FlowBot: Martina Speirs!!

martina flowbotMessage from Mo: “I’m completely honoured to be tasked with selecting the FlowBot recipient for In Flow 2014. I am always amazed by the talent that is showcased in the submissions and this year was no different. I am pleased to present Martina Speirs with the award. Martina’s entry showcases an incredible breadth of skills for someone who has been hooping for two years and I love thinking about how her foundation is going to level up after spending a weekend in the company of so many talented community members. As a fellow community leader, I know Martina will share what she learns with her local community and at the end of the day that is what In Flow is all about.Congratulations Martina! Flow On!




Hada was our 2013 winner. InFlow wouldn’t have been the same without her!

photo-2I was the lucky hooper who received the InFlow scholarship in 2013. Back when the contest was announced I was a bit hesitant to send a video — I enjoy making hooping videos but it was my first time trying to win something…and I’m glad I did! I was so happy to get to see the Ontario hoop family again after the preview experience I had the year before. I’m normally shy around big groups but I felt totally welcome and a part of the community right away. Everybody was very friendly and always smiling. Even at night after a full day of workshops the energy was always up.
The best part of the retreat is that, through the hoop, you get to rediscover your roots and your wings. All while sharing the dance floor with other people who have the same love for hooping. Good beats all day long, swimming during the breaks, hoop dance celebrations and magical nights whirlpooling with led and fire hoops under the stars. The center is beautiful, the food is absolutely delicious and the workshops are so well planned and presented. You don’t have to worry if you are a beginner — everybody will help you and share tips to get the tricks. Special thanks to Mo and everyone involved in the organisation of InFlow festival. I will always cherish this experience, I feel ever so grateful to have had this opportunity.
Hada ♥

Deejay won our 2012 scholarship contest…we’re so glad she joined us!

My name is Deejay Dassylva and I was this year’s InFlow scholarship winner. Sadly, I was not able to afford to pay to go to InFlow but thanks to the support of my friends and family I was able to win this life changing experience. Up until InFlow I did not have many opportunities to just jam and hoop with a bunch of other hoopers; people who share the same passion I do for music and dance. Coming from a small town I was always hooping alone, because there were no other Hoopers around. When I arrived at InFlow everyone was so nice and so welcoming I couldn’t help but feel at home immediately. Whether it was chilling by the pool, going on a nature walk, Hooping in the sunshine, or relaxing in our rooms at then end of the night there was never a dull moment. The workshops were AMAZING and so helpful from slowing things down and learning to move and control our bodies to speeding things up and going wild with our hoops. Not to mention it was great exercise :D All in all InFlow was a wonderful experience.  I learned so much and made so many new friends.  I am very thankful to have won and had the opportunity to be a part of this. Thank you to everyone who helped make InFlow so special. Sincerely, Deejay Dassylva aka Electric Hoopster ♥

Myron won our video contest in 2011.  Here’s what he had to say about his experience…

My name is Myron and I was the recipient of the In Flow Festival Scholarship in 2011. I had recently picked up my first hoop and discovered my passion. The festival was an amazing opportunity for me to acquire new styles of hooping and bond with others about what we truly enjoy. Unfortunately I was not able to afford the festival at the time, but luckily there was a full scholarship I was able to apply for. My friends really pushed me to apply, and thankfully I did! My friends voted, their friends voted, and so did their friends! I had an exceptional amount of people supporting me and that was beautiful! With all this support I won the vote. The festival hosts were very welcoming and helpful while planning my trip. I was able to catch a ride with another hooper heading my way. The atmosphere, the location, the people, and the energy made this retreat one that I shall never forget. Everyone provided unconditional support and love toward one another. I had never met any of these magnificent people before but I felt I was home. Throughout the festival, I was taken on journeys of hoop adventures that I had never experienced before. Ways of moving, of connecting, and of being with the hoop. Not only were the participants and facilitators amazing, but the owners of the location were amazing. They took part in activities and really brought light and love for all of us. The food tasted fully of compassion and time. Each meal nourished us all to the heart. In Flow Festival left me feeling truly blissed. It is only a matter of keeping that energy throughout the year till I recharge at the next one!