Brecken Rivara :: Fundamentals & Explorations


I’ve always thought of the hoop as a teacher; granting us both fluidity and a sense of rhythm. It’s a signature element that, miraculously enough, is just as apparent while hooping on the floor — and in a very safe way that’s more accessible than you’d think. Really looking forward to sharing this work with the Toronto massive.
Brecken xo


THURSDAY: Waves and Barrels — Catching a Ride
7:00 – 10:00pm @ Dovercourt House 3rd Floor

This is a class that’s perfect for expanding your range of hoop movement and also delving deeper into understanding it. Starting with a static framework, the class will soften into a means for “catching waves”: engaging the space with our hoops; listening to nuances in balance and subtle hints in momentum; forming ramps and seeing them through. It’s a personal fave. I think you’ll like it.

SATURDAY: Floor Plane — Finding the Pulse
1:00 – 6:00pm @ Bishop Strachan School


Hooping on the floor starts for me with a C-star. Laying flat on the floor and curling slowly to each side, we’ll start to develop a sense of ease through roundness. Also sitting, kneeling, gently getting down to the floor and maybe little bit of spinning on our butts. This a valuable class for anybody who wants to better understand their body and have a great time.


Once we have our basic toolbox we can have some fun with it. Changing elevations, navigating the floor and experimenting with the hoop moves that compliment it, this is where the floor starts to get really dynamic. This is also where the tools we’ve acquired start to overlap and interlace into a cohesive sense of how to better explore the floor yourself and bring it into your flow.

SUNDAY: Coin Rolling & more — Aligning with the Curve & Changing Plane
1:00 – 6:00pm @ Bishop Strachan School


If on day one we are aligning with the hoop’s momentum, then it’s day 2 that we’ll be aligning with the hoop’s guide for roundness. Unlike on Wednesday, where the hoop is spun parallel to the floor, we’ll be resting the hoop against the floor on an angle like a coin. Rocking with the hoop we’ll be able to use its shape as a guide toward gently smoothing out the edges and learning from the roundness. This class is both very relaxing and informative and will expand your floor hooping options.

2. Complete Absurdity

Floor hooping gets especially exciting when the two manners of holding the hoop –spun parallel to the floor and rolling like a coin on the floor-begin to come together. Interchanging between the two here, this is where the tools we’ve developed can really be explored with options for flow and where you can see that the two handlings actually work to improve each other. Additionally, I’ll go over some of the extremely ambitious moves that you may want to try (or even just take notes and film it for later).