Graceland: Putting the Dance in Hoop Dance


Throughout this 4-session workshop series we will play in the realm where technique meets expression
and head meets heart, seeking out grace and evolving your dance.

We’ll move with and without the hoop, flowing from head to toe and exploring the relationship between
different body parts and the spaces in and outside your prop. We’ll play with levels on and off body and
smooth out transitions for seamless tech flourishes. Being able to access grace takes work so come ready
to drill hard and get lost (and found) in the spin ♥

Dates: Every other Thursday Feb 4, Mar 3, 17, 31. *no class Feb 18th for Winter Conference*
Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm
Location: Dovercourt House 3rd Floor
Cost: $80 +tax for 4 sessions (pre-registration required).

Detailed Class Descriptions:

Feb 4th: Core from the Floor (Earth)
As a convenient warm-up to Brecken’s floor intensive, we’ll be spending a lot of time on the floor. Rolling, rising, falling, breathing. Focusing on initiating movement from your meat, your guts, your deepest and inner-most self in order to find a richer, more grounded and more ORGANic experience in your hoop. If you’ve never done floor work before or would just like to roll around with us :) this will be a great one to drop into in preparation for Brecken.

March 3rd: Following the Flow (Water)
Tech offers us countless ways in which we can both go with and interrupt the flow. It helps us deek out corners we’ve backed ourselves into while providing a delightful sandbox in which to play. This week we’ll turn tech on it’s head, intentionally creating corners to get lost in so we can find new ways of getting out of them. Interrupting our patterns and habits, following the flow. And we’ll be getting sand…everywhere.

March 17th: Burn Baby Burn (Fire)
Just in time for Equinox, we’ll be looking at ways of bringing more light into our dance. Transitions are opportunities for transformation. They can act as segues into new worlds (and conversations) and provide moments of insight and enthusiasm about old ones. They can be portals, transporting us — our experience, our narrative, our movements — to a new physical, emotional, spiritual or temporal space. Here, we’ll be working to add greater dynamic range to our dance. Intonation, expression, feeeeeeeling.

March 31st: Taking Flight (Air)
I love leaps, jumps and the feeling of flight. Getting air takes a lot of patience, timing and practice but there are a couple of hacks I’ll be sharing to ease the process. If I have a signature move, it’s definitely the barrel roll jump. We’ll be breaking down the components needed to execute this bad boy as well as a couple of others, looking for opportunities to pump up your jam and toss your pizza.