Wildenfree Farm


Wildenfree is a homestead farming project on 50 acres of beautiful Muskoka land, rich in biodiversity, just outside of Gravenhurst, Ontario. An enormous quartz-rich rock ridge runs through the centre of the property dividing cleared field and berry bushes from the 30 acres of forest that sits on a hill, waiting to be explored. Black bears and deer can be seen at quiet times. Frogs, fireflies and painted turtles all call the swimming hole their home. Great Blue Heron and King Woodpecker stop in every morning looking for breakfast. And an impressive collection of wildflowers, plants, herbs, fungi and lichen grow wild at every turn.

The farm employs organic growing methods with a permaculture approach. There is a small but mature apple orchard and the bulk of the produce is grown in raised beds and gardens. 17 acres of wild blackberry grows in the lower field — they make the most delicious jam.

Our move to Wildenfree Farm has helped In Flow become a self-sustaining event that will produce everything needed to support itself. In the short term, we’ve developed cooperative relationships with local entities and focused our efforts on growing organic produce for a true farm-to-table gastro experience! Long term, we’ll be availing of renewable energy technologies to further lessen our footprint.

Wildenfree farm has made a conscious choice, committing to grow with us and for us. All of their farming and infrastructure projects are being designed with In Flow in mind and they’ll be doing their all to help make the festival the absolute best it can possibly be. We’re so looking forward to working together to create an intentional, sustainable, delicious and heart-opening event.